Jorja Fox till Fredrik Reinfeldt: Stäng minkfarmerna!

143 Den amerikanska skådespelerskan Jorja Fox, känd från bland annat CSI där hon spelar kriminalteknikern Sara Sidle som löser mystiska brott, ger sig nu in i debatten om svenska minkfarmer. Hon gör vad hon kan för att stoppa de lagbrott som pågått sedan 1988 genom att skriva ett öppet brev till stadsminister Fredrik Reinfeldt, där hon vädjar om att minkfarmerna ska förbjudas.




His Excellency Fredrik Reinfeldt
Prime Minister of Sweden

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

I am writing on behalf of my friends at the Animal Rights Alliance to ask that you please make a strong statement against cruelty to animals by banning fur farms in Sweden. Please take a moment to view footage from the Animal Rights Alliance's recent undercover investigation of 18 Swedish fur farms. After watching the footage, I hope you will agree that the way animals suffer and die in this industry violates Sweden's Animal Welfare Act, which clearly states that animals bred for fur production should be kept in such a way that promotes their health and allows them to engage in natural behavior.

Minks are semi-aquatic, solitary animals who may occupy up to 2,500 acres of wetland habitat in the wild. On fur farms, minks are crammed into wire cages and are never allowed to feel the earth under their feet or dive into a cool stream. As seen in the Animal Rights Alliance's undercover video, the crowding and confinement on fur farms prevents minks from taking more than a few steps in any direction, and they often go insane and resort to self-mutilation and cannibalism.

As you know, fox farming has already been phased out in Sweden because of strict regulations. Won't you please consider joining a host of other countries—including Austria, Croatia, and the U.K.—in banning fur farming altogether? I can be reached via Djurrättsalliansen at 0046 76 230 12 00.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jorja Fox